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Girls Only: 5 Things You Do That Are Causing Your Breasts To Sag


Most women experience a sagging or
dropping breast at some points in their lives.
This is a natural and inevitable process.
Women are often bothered when they breasts
begin to sag as they feel it makes them
A lot of things can contribute to premature
sagging of the breast and some have to do
with your behavior. So, if you avoid these
behaviours, your breasts will be better off.
1. Smoking:
Even your breasts can’t escape the damage
cigarettes do. Smoking breaks down elastin,
the protein fibers in skin that lend it firmness
and elasticity. Smoking also damages breast
skin the same way it does the face, depriving
it of oxygen and nutrients.
2. Wearing the wrong bra size:
A good-fitting bra keeps your breasts in
shape and enhances their appearance. If
you’re going to wear a bra, it’s important to
make sure it fits correctly because wearing an
ill-fitting bra might cause extra sagging.
Some women are wearing the wrong size bra.
Stop in a lingerie shop and ask for a fitting
just to make sure you’re wearing the right bra
for your shape so you can make sure your
bras aren’t doing you more harm than good.
It’s also important to remember to replace
old bras before they lose their support, too.
3. Weight Fluctuation:
Weight fluctuation is a big factor when it
comes to sagging boobs. Each time you gain
and lose weight, breast tissue slacks more.
An unhealthy diet can cause stretching of the
breast tissue. Weight gain from an unhealthy
diet rather than weight gain from muscle-
building exercise can result in stretching of
the breast tissue.
4. High-Impact Workouts:
Running, biking, playing sports and doing any
other exercise causes your breasts to bounce.
If you do it often enough without wearing a
good sports bra, they may sag prematurely.
A sports bra should contain your breasts
securely against your chest so that bouncing
is kept to a minimum.
5. Skipping Sunscreen:
Sunburn is never fun, UV rays hitting the
sensitive underside of your breasts
encourages serious drooping later on in life.
Exposing your breasts to UV rays without a
protective coating of sunscreen can stretch
out the collagen and damage the skin

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