FM OPINION: Wizkid The international Story [Must see]


Do we even remember where we coming from and give credit to those who has been holding it down?

Hello welcome to funmass Opinion we have a fresh and interesting topic today.

Over the years the Nigeria Music industry has really turned into something big as foreign investors now come over to Nigeria to invest in the music business. all this did not start easily so many talents and works took us internationally. among who are likes of Wizkid, Davido, Dbanj, Donjazzy,  and more

All this art did a lot to see Nigeria growing in the international market but indeed at of all there is this different person who has constantly be growing in the game and has attracted so many international arts with is talents and that person is Wizkid.

formal EME signed art came through with a hit song Hollla at your Boy, the sound went viral when no one thinks no body can be famous as a young boy, wizkid brought the anybody can blow to the game. before then young art find it quite difficult to be famous because back then being known you need more backup and God fathers but it all No now as wizkid proves it all wrong. yes it started with the help of Banky W but steady hard work, social media era and grace brought him here.


so many people do wonder how come wizkid became this big in the industry especially internationally here is our own opinion on that below

  1. Talent – Wizkid is talented when it comes to singing. wizkid is one Artiste that can jump on any instrumental at any time, one thing about the foreigners is that they cannot work with you if they are not benefiting from you wizkid has great talent and that has attracted Audience and Artiste abroad.

2. Social Media – One thing that has really help Artiste of this generation is Social median. before now being known require a lot of hustle and promotions as you need to travel to distribute your music to various Radio and TV channels but now social median has made it easy. artiste can be at home and sell their songs through the help of social medians sites blogs and more online platform. this also contributed to wizkid growth as communication was made easy with the foreign artiste and they get to see our jobs more often.

3. Hardwork and Grace – if you know wizid too well you will discover that he works endlessly in the studio, always free styling and recording so is other art tho. also grace is there really i don’t think anything will be possible without grace, its all luck and grace.

for now that’s all on Today’s FM OPINION hope you enjoyed it, don’t forget to always visit for more entertainment and music updates.


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