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FM OPINION: Is Olamide 'Science Student' really the Problem?

it has be no News as Popular Street rapper Olamide has been on the airwaves for weeks now over the release of his newly accepted street song Science Student the song has dragged the attention of so many Nigerians including some top politicians which include popular Benin aspirant Don Pedro Obaseki seeking and saying the song should be Ban.
The major reason why all this is being a news is because so many people fills the song is corrupting the mind of the youths encouraging and supporting the use of drugs. of a true this might be the primary team of the song, as we all know how bad drugs and Alcohol  can destroys ones image and society but the big question here is “Is that Really the Problem of Nigeria Now? is this what our politicians should be tackling at the moment? well it is thrown to you all funmaners drop your comments below and share your thought on this.

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  1. Help me ask them o. So many problems in the country and you guys are concerned about a mere song mitchew…

  2. Let them come and ban the song on my fone.

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