E-news: Adekunle Gold Gets The Industry Talking As He Unveils ‘About 30’ Tracklist

If you have been following Adekunle Gold on social media and you like his style of urban high life music you would know by now that an About 30 album is scheduled for imminent release.

Since last year, there has been bits and hints about the body of work surfacing on social media and interviews. And interested people have been trying to piece together the available information. From the title and considering Kunle’s age, it is generally expected that the coming project would be a narrative about Adekunle Gold’s life experiences and for this reason alone, the collective level of excitement about the album was upped.

While waiting on the album, fans continued to enjoy the beauty of Adekunle Gold’s talent from listening to songs like Ire (which appears to be the lead single of the About 30 album), his collaborations and his unique performances at concerts across the globe.

Some hours ago, the singer released the track list of the album, hinting that the release date is near but rather than revel in excitement a lot of fans have been left guessing because the numbering on the track list is unusual – rather than start from 1, the track list is numbered from 17 to 30.

Considering that Adekunle Gold’s debut album (Gold) is a 16-track album, some section of the fans have put forward a hypothesis that the coming album is a sequel to the first and the singer looks to continue from where he paused. However, another section of the fans are of the opinion that the numbering of the track list was made to start from 17 so that it ends in 30, in tune with the album title.

The idea behind the numbering of the About 30 album track list remains a mystery that is hopefully solved with the release of the album but it is interesting in the way it sets the tone for a body of work rich in figurative beauty and adds to its artistic depth. Adekunle Gold’s mantra says, ‘the goal is to be timeless’, and for him, achieving that goal continues from here – unveiling the interesting track list of the About 30 album.

See his post below.

The story continues… #About30

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