E-news: Simi Supports Noble Igwe On Trending Topic About ‘Yahoo Boys’

X3M music songstress, Simi has weighed in on the trending topic on Internet fraud and whether or not law enforcement agents should be encouraged in their fight against fraudsters.

Some days ago, it was reported that Economic & Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) officials stormed a popular Lagos club and arrested tens of suspected Internet fraudsters aka yahoo boys. The story blew up after a popular blogger, Noble Igwe, exposed the cover fronts of yahoo boys and encouraged EFCC to investigate businesses like record label ownership, real estate management and the likes, via a tweet.

Almost immediately, social media went agog with the news that Noble Igwe ‘snitched’ on yahoo boys by exposing their schemes to the Economic & Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). This story has divided the Nigerian public between those for and against the blogger’s action.

Songstress, Simi who is known for using social media to share her views about societal issues, took to Instagram to join the conversation on Internet fraud and how we as a Nation should react to it. On her Instastory, Simi took a stand against Internet fraud. She stated that it has caused Nigeria a bad image on the global map and she questioned why anyone would even try to justify Internet fraud.

See her post below.

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One thought on “E-news: Simi Supports Noble Igwe On Trending Topic About ‘Yahoo Boys’”

  1. This subject of internet fraud is an offshoot of the state of our leadership In the country…..we must really delve deeper on this subject of fraud.
    When a politician promises to serve a nation but then ruins it …and loots national treasure ….that’s fraud.
    When tele com networks subscribe u to silly packages just in oda to bill you for no reason…that’s fraud.
    Yes !!!! The Gboys fraudulent activities can’t be justified …its a result of decadence in character and values.
    When a lady displays fake love to scrap some doe from a hommy….that’s fraud.
    When a hommy crust some sort of gimmicks to keep exploiting a lady sexually ….that’s fraud.
    This goes…the poor self is not exempted from this fraud thing.
    See eh!
    To fix this issue …every one needs to look inward and fix themselves…
    This fraud thing is a national thing.
    Period !!!!! I rest ma case

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