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FM OPINION: How Jogodo Revived Tekno [A MUST READ]

Tekno has been in the wave of music success for a while now as his song jogodo which was Linked to Danfo driver kpolongo is like reviving him lately. Tekno being known for hit upon hits which gave him some recognition like getting a Sony Music deal and more. but to a point it purse and it was more like Tekno started giving us scraps. while he struggled to give hits. but suprisely he drop Jogodo a kind of cover of Danfo Drivers hit single Kpologo. the song came out while Danfo Drivers did not really take it likely but due to one or two talk it was all settled but the song really did well for Tekno as it landed him a Universal Music Deal and set him on top chats as the song make more wave. it like the slim daddy his enjoying is Jogodo wave more now as he welcome Welcome his first child
How Jogodo Revived Tekno
here is it due to the connection with danfo drivers and the news that was created for the beef between the two artistes [Tekno & Danfo Drivers], the song began to gain some attention as fans started downloading and listening to the song more. the song went viral and it help boosted Tekno career taking him to the hit level.
written by @iam_rappician

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