E-news: Wizkid Dreams Of Building A School In Every African Country, Needs Fans Help

Starboy Wizkid after the announcement of his collaboration with designer
Nike, tweets about his dream of wanting to build schools in Africa where he comes from. He latter went ahead about the plans of using the profit he is going to realise from his partnership deal with Nike to embark on the project and he has top three places to start which are ‘ Surulere, Lagos, Ghana and Benin Republic ‘.
The talented Starboy with huge fan base is about to launch his Starboy Official Nike designed Jersey and his ready to use the profit to fulfil his dream of building schools across Africa, but firstly he needs his fans to buy the Jersey then choose for him where to start his school project from. But unfortunate
Wizkid latter went back to delete one of his tweet, below is the evidence of his tweet
See tweet

b:1/twitter-widget-0Wizkid✔@wizkidayoJustDoitFlag of NigeriaRoseEagle#EducationforEveryChild16:25 – 8 Sep 20184,6051,310 people are talking about thisTwitter Ads information and privacy

b:2/Surulere Lagos, Ghana and Benin Republic.Earth globe europe-africaEarth globe europe-africaEagleEagleHundred points symbolHundred points symbolLets get it!Smiling face with haloHundred points symbolEarth globe europe-africa#EducationForEveryChild16:12 – 8 Sep 20186,7931,933 people are tal


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