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Exclusive Interview – “Isco”

Funmass is one online site that don’t joke with fast rising Artistes because with these people the music hope is big. Here on another another episode on “Funmass Exclusive Interview” we present to you “Isco”

What’s your real name?

Obiakoizu Francis chigaemezu

What’s your stage name?


How long have you been doing music and how many track have you recorded

Last month 1 track

So who is your role model in music


Which is your wizkid favorite song?


That’s new tho

Yes its my favorite

So tell me what has been your best moment as an artiste?

My best moment is the day I unveil my first track in winter suit hotel in owerri people appreciate my song telling me to keep it on your song is so aesthetic that is my best moment

That really motivate me

That’s awesome

So what has been your worst moment as an artiste

My worst moment is the day I want to go for a show so that I will create more awennes my parents stopped me because it was a night show so the tell me to stay back than to take a risk to go out that night I was so sad about that .

That really made me to lose hope on it but I letter decided to move on

Yes the hustle is never give up

Well were do you want to see yourself in the next 5 years?

In the next 5 years I want to be Morty billionaire and I want to be the most popular artist

I want people to learn something from me I want to a hero I want to be a most lovely artiste

And we pray your dream comes through for you

Well that’s all we can take and we hope to see you in greater places


Amen for that

That’s just a little about this great talent watch for him.

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