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Exclusive Interview – Exboy

What’s your real name?

Friday onyema john

What’s your stage name?


What inspired your stage name?

Well the full name is actually exceed and my friends added the “boy” because when I was young I use to sing for them

That’s awesome


How long have you been doing music?

3 years

How many songs have you released

I have recorded alot of songs but they were not promoted based on finance
But the ones I have now is 10

Wow that’s cool

So should we expect an album or EP?

Yeah it’s has been on my for a while Working on it
By God’s grace it will come to pass

That would be good

So what has been your best moment so far as an artiste?

My best moments being an artist is when I see myself doing what I was dreaming of doing since I was 6

So what has been your worst moment so far as an artiste

Disgrace I have been chased out from a show just because of 5 hundred naira
And that really get me sad being an artiste

Hmm that’s so sad but relax all will turn story soon

That’s my believe

Who is is your mentor

Erigga and Victor AD

Wow That’s good


So tell me where do you see yourself in the next 5 years

I want to see my self at the top And let the whole world hear my voice

That’s a good one

Well it’s nice having you on this interview

We hope to see you at the top

So shall it be

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