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6-year Old Boy’s Hand Chopped Off For Being Albino

This is the latest in a series of attacks that has plagued Tanzania in the last couple of years.

6-year old, Baraka Cosmas has had his right palm chopped off in a targeted attack in Kipenda village, Rukwa region Tanzania, MSN reports.

Regional police commander, Jacob Mruanda said the boy had been sleeping at home with his mother when a gang of assailants stormed the house late Saturday.

After beating the boy’s mother severally for refusing to let him go, they chopped off the boy’s right palm with a machete and walked out.

There is a high prevalence of albino murders/attacks in Tanzania as some are of the belief that their body parts can bring good luck and wealth and this is the latest in a series of attacks that has plagued the country in the last couple of years.

Last week, 4 people were sentenced to death for the murder of an albino woman.

According to a United Nations expert, attacks on people with albinism have claimed the lives of at least 75 people since 2000.

It’s also reported that albino body parts sell for around $600 (about N119,700) with an entire corpse fetching $75,000 (about N14 million).

JUST IN: INEC Extends PVC CollectionDate

The commission in a statement issued in
Abuja on Sunday by the Chief Press
Secretary to the chairman of the
commission, Mr. Kayode Idowu, said the
latest extension offered the last opportunity
for duly registered persons to collect their
PVCs before the general elections
scheduled for March 28 and April 11.
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“INEC hereby calls on registered persons
that are yet to collect their PVCs to use
this last opportunity in doing so, in order to
participate in the forthcoming general
elections,” Idowu added.
The commission said on Wednesday that it
has succeeded in distributing 80.24 per
cent of the Permanent Voter Cards to their
This figure indicated that 55,232,874 out of
the 68,833,476 registered voters had picked
their PVCs.
Out of the 36 states and the Federal
Capital Territory, Ogun State remains the
only state that had yet to reach 50 per cent
PVC collection.
In the state, only 47.27 per cent of the
1,829,534 registered voters had picked
their PVCs.
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Readers In 12 States
This showed that only 864,292 voters had
collected their PVCs.
It will be recalled that the Ekiti State
Governor, Ayodele Fayose, had described
the card reader machines INEC plans to
use to accredit voters during the
forthcoming elections as a fraud capable of
destroying the elections.

BREAKING::APC Drags Patience Jonathan To International Criminal Court (ICC)

The All Progressives Congress
Presidential Campaign Organisation
(APCPCO) has made a formal
complaint against Nigeria’s First
Lady, Mrs. Patience Jonathan, who
during a rally in Calabar, Cross River
State last week, called on PDP
supporters to “stone” anyone who
came to the state asking for change.
The letter of complaint signed by
Rivers State Governor and Director
General of APCPCO, Rt. Hon Rotimi
Amaechi, will on Monday, 9 March be
dispatched to the International
Criminal Court (ICC), the Inspector
General of the Nigeria Police (IG) and
the National Human Rights
Commission (NHRC), among others.
According to Governor Amaechi,
“Change, as the entire country must
know by now, is the slogan of the APC
– the rallying cry of a political party
that wishes to bring hope of greater
and better things to come for Nigeria
and Nigerians.
By her statement, Mrs. Jonathan was
clearly calling on PDP supporters in
Calabar to attack supporters and
campaigners of the APC in the state.”
The APCPCO likened some of Mrs.
Jonathan’s inciting statements and
conduct during this political
campaign season, to those of Mrs
Simone Gbagbo, wife of the former
president of Cote D’Ivoire, Laurent
Gbagbo, prior to that country’s 2010
The ICC indicted Mrs. Gbagbo for her
part in planning to perpetrate brutal
attacks – including murder, rape, and
sexual violence, on her husband’s
political opponents in the wake of the
2010 election.
Mrs. Jonathan does not occupy any
formal office in the Nigerian
government, as the position of First
Lady is not recognized by the Nigerian
constitution. But Mrs.
Gbagbo’s case shows the ICC’s
awareness of how someone beyond
formal governmental and military
hierarchies can be identified as
responsible for serious international
The APCPCO pointed out that Mrs.
Jonathan’s incontrovertible hate
speech not only contravenes the laws
of the land, but also goes completely
against the Abuja Peace Accord jointly
signed by the two presidential
candidates, General Muhammadu
Buhari and President Goodluck
Jonathan – a gesture which is aimed
at forestalling violence before, during
and after the 2015 elections.
“PDP supporters in the state who may
not know better could easily yield
themselves to the First Lady’s
admonition and embark on a process
of wanton stoning and other attacks
against APC members,” Governor
Amaechi said.
The APCPCO also called on the Nigeria
Police to put in place emergency
measures to protect the life and
property of APC members in Calabar
and the entire Cross River State.

Read Dele Momodu’s Open Letter ToNigeria’s First Lady

Pendulum by Dele Momodu, published
on today’s Thisday Newspaper. Read
Your Excellency please let me start
by emphasising the fact that this is
my very first letter to you since
destiny elevated you and your
husband to the highest positions in
Nigeria. It may be the last before
your tenure expires on May 29,
2015, and another begins with you
or someone else in the saddle.
Despite all the controversies
engulfing you and your husband, I
had resisted the temptation of
writing you in the past for several,
if not many, reasons. Kindly permit
me to expatiate a bit.
I’m a great admirer of strong,
confident and energetic women who
cannot be bullied by the galaxy of
male chauvinists that litter the
political landscape of Africa. As
someone who was brought up by
my amazing mum, Omo
Arotiwebiojo, an unlettered woman
and petty trader, I knew what it
took to survive in a particularly
difficult terrain. Indeed, whilst
some have impugned you for your
so-called lack of command of the
English language, I have remained
partial to you because, like most of
us, English is not your first
language, and your contributions
have enriched our home-grown
lexicon! I can therefore imagine
what you and our dear beloved
President must have gone through
together, in thunder, lightning, rain
and sunshine. The hurly-burly of
life must have thrown you hither
and thither when there was no one
else around to share in your secret
pain and anguish. But it must have
pleased God in His infinite mercy to
raise you and your husband up, like
Jesus did to a dead Lazarus, as
original examples of uncommon
I must say, Ma, that I have a soft
spot for you for other reasons. I was
told on good authority that you
were a more formidable politician
and mobiliser of people and
resources than your husband. A few
of your friends often regale how
you have been a solid pillar and a
rock of Gibraltar behind the love of
your life, Dr Goodluck Ebele
Azikiwe Jonathan. It is said that
you’re willing to sacrifice your all
for his sake and he has also
reciprocated by according you
humongous respect and granting
you such vast powers that make
onlookers see you as a de facto
President in your own right. To God
be the glory.
I vividly recollect your relationship
with the former First Lady, Hajia
Turai Yar’Adua. You gave her
tremendous respect and your
taciturnity was legendary. Not much
was heard from you at that time
and not many, except probably
Bayelsans, ever suspected that you
had so much buried inside your
heart and that you were only
waiting for the opportune time to
vomit them. Even in the days of
tribulations when the cabal held
sway and grabbed our nation by the
jugular, you and your husband
handled the volatile situation with
maturity and remarkable
equanimity. Some of us were ready
to fight your battle, and risked our
lives, because we saw you as the
underdogs who must be rescued
from the fangs of the political
hyenas. We were further
emboldened by the facts of your
husband’s man-in-the-street story, a
fairy-tale of sorts about a man from
the Otuoke manger who had no
shoes. We were not just titillated but
fascinated by such flashes of
Against all odds, your husband
became the substantive President
and Commander-in-Chief of the
Armed Forces of Nigeria after the
demise of President Yar’Adua.
Nigerians were happy about the
smooth transition of power and they
even boasted that for the first time
we had not just another graduate
but a PhD holder as President.
Sooner than later, as time sped by,
it was time for your husband to run
his own race. Nigerians from all
walks of life queued behind him and
he won without much ado. The
goodwill he garnered was
awesomely massive and the people
were very expectant about the
“fresh air” promised by him. Of
course, to whom much is given,
much is expected.
It is nearly four years since that
momentous occasion and it is time
for a re-examination and re-
election. But what should have been
a simple walk-over for your
sweetheart seems to have developed
k-leg. While your husband and
those close to him would want us to
believe he is Nigeria’s best President
ever, many Nigerians feel he has
under-performed and would want to
try someone else. I have seen you
and your husband waka up and
down this nation campaigning like
no man’s business. Many have
likened the exercise to a student
engaging in last minute agberu
(memorising) after failing to do so
all along. This is the crux of my
epistle to you today.
I have read and heard so much
about you as a very powerful First
Lady. I know that when you are at
that level, not many people can tell
you the gospel truth. No one wants
to offend those in power. But I have
decided to tell you the bitter reality
once and for all. I’m not writing out
of any malice, since none can exist
between us. But for the sake of
posterity, which I know beckons as
always; the fact must be told to you.
The summary of what I’m about to
say is that you and your husband
have frittered away most of your
goodwill. Had you retained your
humility in power, may be you
could have avoided this commotion
and conundrum of trying to achieve
in two months what you couldn’t in
about five years. You would
probably have avoided the tragedy
of trying to manipulate the electoral
process, buying more time and
doing a catch-up on lost grounds.
If the actuality must be told Ma, the
whole trouble started the day you
publicly ridiculed the Governor of
your home state. It was reported
that you yanked a microphone out
of his hands and lambasted him like
a recalcitrant school boy. In order
not to cause mayhem right there,
the Governor was said to have left
you to your tantrums and went
home quietly like a penitent student.
That day, you sowed the seed of
discord that would later germinate
and snowball into a consuming fire.
Though the Governor and your
husband like true gentlemen chose
to carry on their damaged
relationship as if all was well, but
the worst was on the way.
The battle for the soul and control
of your state would later spread to
Abuja where your husband began to
see the Governor as an enemy who
must be cut down to size. In the
process of trying to achieve that
dream, more Governors joined the
fray and in a jiffy, the centre could
no longer hold. I do not want to go
into some obvious details as I’m
sure you know about the intrigues
of power more than me. But I must
give one more example of how you
laid the foundation for today’s
grand alliance against your
Let me put it this way. Never in the
history of Nigeria have I read of a
First Lady responding to criticisms
in the frontal manner you attacked
Professor Wole Soyinka over an
issue that you could easily have
ignored. That singular act of
unrestrained combativeness was one
of your worst public relations
gaffes. Wole Soyinka is one of those
global icons that you can’t take on
and win. If for nothing, here was a
man who at about 76 years of age
trekked under the scorching sun of
Abuja to defend the rights of your
husband when many of the acolytes
around you today were nowhere to
be found. You were not supposed to
repay such selfless gestures with
verbal blows. That was when you
finally lost me and I’m sure many
Let me remind you that virtually
all Nigerian leaders have been
disparaged at one time or the other.
It is one of the heavy prices to pay
in compensation for the privileges
of leadership. Just imagine how
much some of us attacked President
Ibrahim Babangida, Chief Ernest
Shonekan, General Sani Abacha and
others over the June 12 crisis. None
of their wives ever hit back at the
critics no matter the degree of
provocation. In fact, they acted
perfectly normal and even tried to
build bridges of friendship instead of
bombing the castle. I remember
with fond memories, Dr (Mrs)
Maryam Ndidi Babangida, who
remained graceful to the very end.
Mrs Maryam Abacha endured the
most blistering attacks against her
husband in life and death. She has
since reconciled with many of her
husband’s vociferous enemies. Hajia
Turai Yar’Adua was subjected to
virulent criticism by many, and I
confess I was one of her knockers in
the dying throes of the cabal, but
she wisely kept her own counsel
and declined to join issues with
anyone. When it dawn on her that
the battle was lost and won, she
packed her baggage out of Aso Rock
without as much as a whimper.
If Justice Fati Abubakar was a
selfish woman and a poor adviser to
her husband, General Abdulsalami
Abubakar, she would have insisted
that they should not quit power
within the one year he promised to
hand over to a democratically-
elected President. That government
had more than enough resources to
buy the ubiquitous array of
mercenaries but General Abubakar
chose to go in peace and not in
pieces. It was such a rarity in
Africa and till this day the General
is still enjoying a standing ovation
for his vision.
I must also mention specifically Mrs
Stella Obasanjo, whose husband has
always had a running battle with
the media and yet she maintained
steady media frenzy in her own
kingdom. She was everyone’s friend
and continues to be fondly
remembered even in death. I
recollect one occasion when we
travelled to Beverley Hills, USA,
with her, and her simplicity just
wowed everyone. She made sure we
jumped in the cars and buses and
headed out to a night club owned by
Don Cornelius. She was so down to
earth. On her last trip to Ghana
before her unfortunate death, I had
gone to pay her a visit at M-Plaza
hotel where she and President
Obasanjo stayed. Despite my frosty
relationship with her husband, we
sat in one corner chatting away as
the President attended to his own
visitors. She never got involved in
our endless battles with Baba. I
have cited these examples to show
that you and your husband are not
alone in the barrage of criticisms
and attacks. You must rise up way
above such pedestal. But sadly, you
have not been able to allow any
comment pass you by, no matter
how mundane.
I decided to write this open letter
after the spate of vocal terror you
deployed in the last few days against
your husband’s opponents. In case
some praise-singers told you lies
that what you did was right, I wish
to assure you that you’ve done
almost irreparable damage to your
husband’s presidential campaign. I
will now proceed to paraphrase
about three of those satanic verses
that escaped from your tongue this
week alone, but not in any
particular order.
The first shocker was when you said
before a crowd that those shouting
the mantra of Change are not
serious and that as a matter of fact
they should be stoned anywhere
they shout Change! I thought it was
a joke until the video went viral.
The next one was when you spoke
dispassionately about how your
husband should be praised and
thanked for improving the welfare
of the menacing Almajiri kids in
Northern Nigeria but you then went
astray by insensitively and
inconsiderately saying that the
Northerners are fond of bearing
children with reckless abandon and
throwing them on the streets to fend
for themselves. You went further to
say such things don’t happen in the
part of Nigeria you come from. I
think that wasn’t very nice or
The last straw for me was when you
declared matter-of-factly that your
husband’s main challenger, Major
General Muhammadu Buhari should
not be voted in because he is “brain
dead”, according to you. That was
extremely malevolent and sinister,
to say the least. It is not an elegant
language to be used by any lady not
to mention the First Lady and
certainly not about a former Head
of State of the same country that
you are governing and from whose
citizens you are seeking a second
term in office. However, I believe
that this may have been an
innocent quip. Whilst some may be
willing to forgive such naivety, it is
essential for you to quickly assure
Nigerians that you meant no harm
and that despite the ill-feeling and
bitterness that politics and
electioneering may engender you
wish no evil to any man least of all
your husband’s leading rival and
contender. There is nothing wrong
in admitting your mistake of
commission or omission. It is
actually a sign of strength.
In conclusion, I think you need to
offer urgent apologies for those
unguarded, unbecoming statements
and try to be more circumspect in
the future. One of your best
appellations that I love most
sincerely is that of Mama Peace.
Please, don’t change it to Mama
War …!
May God continue to bless you and

The Airport Cleaner Who Returned N12M Gets Salary Increase From N7,800 to N15,000

It started with galore of scoldings for
Miss Josephine Agwu, a mere airport
cleaner who found forgotten $28,000
and other foreign currencies totaling
about N12m and refunded it to the
owner. Some called her dumb-ass,
others referred to her as silly,
especially as the owner of the money
showed how not to appreciate
She became a subject of mockery, both
for people present at the airport who
heard of it, and notably on some
social media platforms. But Miss
Agwu held herself with satisfaction
that she did the right thing. Now, her
saintly gesture is being appreciated.
Recognition and appreciation
The Lagos State House of Assembly,
last Monday, concluded plans to invite
and honour her. And her employers
have increased her salary from a
paltry N7,800 to N15,000 per month.
And in her words, “FAAN (Federal
Airports Authority of Nigeria) said
that they are going to give me
automatic employment, but I have not
heard from them till now.”
And she added: “On the part of my
management, they are happy, all my
supervisors. In short, they are doing
good things for me. Now, they carry
me like egg, even my MD.”
Miss Agwu, a cleaner with Patovilki,
a concessionaire handling the
cleaning of the Murtala Mohammed
International Airport, Ikeja Lagos,
found the N12m while cleaning a
toilet near the screening point of the
departure area of the airport, and
took it to the security post.
The owner later came and the
security returned the money to the
owner and disclosed how Miss Agwu
found the money and brought it to
them. After counting the money and it
was complete the owner simply
looked at Agwu and walked away.
This was the third time she was
returning lost bags containing huge
sums of money.
For a cleaner who earns N7,800
monthly for a 12-hour day job, her
act of integrity shocked many. The
Lagos State House of Assembly which
just returned from recess has
requested the Clerk of the House, Mr
Segun Abiru, to invite Miss Agwu to
the House. Deputy Whip of the House,
Honourable Abiru Rotimi Abiru, had
under Matter of Urgent Public
Importance, raised the issue which
happened on January 23, 2015,
calling the attention of his colleagues
to the fact that Miss Agwu was
returning lost money for the third
Company policy
The management of Patovilki, Miss
Ugwu’s employers, played a major
role in influencing her action. The
company has an in-house policy to
guide every of their employee working
at the airport. In an interview with
Saturday Vanguard, Mrs. Eunice
Anumudu, Manager, Airport Zone,
said: “Since the incident, people have
been reacting to it and they have been
praising her for what she has done,
and that she did well and several
people have been calling her.”
According to Mrs. Anumudu, “My
own impression as a manager is that
she did well because that is what we
told them at the initial time that she
was searching for the job. We told her
that as you are looking for this job,
the salary is too small. Can you do
the work? She said ‘yes’, so we told
her that anywhere we put you, you
have to behave well because this is an
airport. We have many ogas here, you
don’t know who is who. If they ask
you question that you cannot answer,
you look for the supervisor or the
manager to answer the question.”
Mrs. Anumudu continued: “Wherever
we post you and anything that you see
there, don’t take it home. Take it to
the security because that thing does
not belong to us. It is the passenger
that has it. You know, some of the
passengers, when they travel, some of
them will leave their bags and
sometimes phones in the toilet.
“So, we told them to behave well,
respect everybody. Since this incident
happened, she has not been promoted
to a supervisor or other higher
position, but we contacted our
Managing Director and what she did
was to increase her salary. The MD
was happy about what Miss Josphine
Ugwu. She has agreed to increase her
salary from N7,800 to N15,000.”
Certainly, not every of the employee
so briefed would have returned the
money, which also portrays Miss
Ugwu as an exceptional person.
Sense of fulfillment
Speaking also with Saturday
Vanguard, the beautiful lady,
Josephine Ugwu, who has been
catapulted to limelight, relived the
experience that day: “I am from
Enugu State, from Obonkpa in Nsukka
Local Government. I live at
Agbotukunyo in Agege. The incident
happened on the 23rd of January
2015. I was on morning duty. So as I
was sweeping around 6:30pm, I saw
the bag on the ground and there were
some passengers there so I thought
that the bag could belong to one of
them. But as I closed at 7:20pm, the
person to relieve me on duty came
that time.”
“I was going to the toilet again, I saw
the same bag there. Then I told the
passengers sitting there that they
should be mindful of the bag because
once they announce the flight they
may forget it. They replied that the
bag did not belong to them. Three of
the passengers left, so I then picked
the bag and took it to the FAAN
security people. At first, they put the
bag on the screening machine, before
they opened the bag and discovered
that there were many envelops in the
bag containing money in different
currencies including dollars.”
“As they were counting it, I saw an
NDLEA woman accompanied by one
man and both of them were coming
towards us. They said that the man
could be the owner of the bag. So
when they came in, they interviewed
the man and the man mentioned the
amount of money and the colour of
the bag. Before then, they had
counted the money and it was exactly
the amount that the man said.”
“Then they carried the money and
gave to the man for him to count.
After counting, they asked him if the
money was complete, he said yes and
they snapped him picture. They asked
him again about three times and they
told the man that, ‘look at the woman
that picked your bag’, and the man
was looking at me. His name is Mr.
Obinna Samuel. They told him that he
should thank his God that if it were
another person, that person would
have run away with the bag but this
woman didn’t do that. So I left and
the man took the money and put
inside the bag and went away.”
“Then FAAN security personnel called
me back, and they took my number
On-Duty-Card (ODC) and my name.
That was how it happened. People are
praising me, FAAN said that they are
going to give me automatic
employment but I have not heard
from them till now.”
Miss Ugwu is aware of how she is
being viewed by some Nigerians. She
was reported to have advised: “People
should appreci ate what they have.
People do a lot of bad things because
they are not happy with what they
have. With the little I earn, I try to
manage it well. If I can’t manage that
small money that I earn, even if I
begin to earn N1 million, I will still
not know how to manage it.
“So, I am telling every Nige rian to be
happy in any situation they find
themselves. Don’t be faster than your
shadow because so many things will
go wrong. Sometimes things get bad
because people want to be like others.
All fin gers are not equal. It is true
that God promised those who serve
him riches, but people should be
careful how they go about it. I am
telling people to have pa tience. It is
because people want quick money that
is why some people become thieves.
She concludes: “On the part of my
management, in fact they are happy,
all my supervisors. In short they are
doing good things for me, even they
are carrying me like egg, even my
MD. They have added money to my
salary. In short, my manager, Madam
Eunice has been doing many things
for me since the incident, praising
me. She said that she knows that she
can trust me, and that I cannot see
anything that does not belong to me
and I take it away.”

2015 Elections!! Finally Buhari Is Back To Work Again (Photos)

Buhari who returned back from a short trip to UK early hours of yesterday is back working! The APC presidential candidate left Abuja for Sokoto today to visit Shehu Shagari, Former Nigerian president who clocked 90 while he was away in the UK. A lot of people thought the General was in Lagos for the on-going 1-million man march until these photos emerged online. Buhari to us looks happier than ever in these new set of photos. See more below

I didnt-know-my-husband-so-well-before-i-got-pregnant-for-him-omawuMI

In an interview with Punch ,Omawunmi who is expecting her 2nd child any moment from now admitted that she got pregnant not knowing her now husband too well, and said that was the main reason they had to pause for long, because they wanted to be sure it was love, and not just getting married because they have a child together. Hear her below;
Why did it take you so long before you and your husband tied the knot?
We wanted to make sure that we were getting married for the right reasons. That is the best way I can explain it. We were in love before we had a child together and we were still seeing each other after I gave birth to my first child. We wanted to be sure that we were truly in love because we really did not have time to get to know each other before I got pregnant. When I got pregnant, he did the manly thing by standing by me and supporting me. We did not want to get married until we were very sure that it was what we wanted. I would have felt bad if we got married because we have a child together and end up hating each other eventually. We had to be sure it would work out and I am very happy that it worked out.


In reaction to a statement made by the first lady of Nigeria, Patience Jonathan few days ago at a PDP rally, where the first lady had said the All Progressives Congress presidential candidate was unfit and brain dead, the Chairman, House of Representatives Committee on Diaspora Affairs, Abike Dabiri- Erewa has described the first lady and her statement as a total embarrassment to the whole country.
“Mrs. Jonathan is an embarrassment to the whole country. The only people shouting her praise or listening to her are the sycophants; outside them, nobody else does.
“She is crude and unrefined. When you travel out of the country, Nigerians keep asking you how we came this bad,” Mrs Erewa said.
Below is what the first lady was quoted to have said initially;
“Wetin him dey find again? Him dey drag with him pikin mate. “Old man wey no get brain, him brain don die pata pata’’, several medium quoted her to have said, including a youtube video.

PDP Candidate Arrested For Murder In Ebonyi State

Police in Ebonyi state have arrested 38 year old Chidi Ejem, a PDP House of Assembly candidate in Ebonyi State over a murder case.
According to the States Police spokesperson, Chris Anyanwu, over the weekend, hoodlums attacked some Labor Party supporters in the state and in the process killed one Udu Emegha, 36.
Police said investigations into the killing led them to the home of Chidi Ejem where cutlasses stained with blood, a gun and other weapons were found.
Anyanwu explains;
“A group of hoodlums numbering up to 23 were led by one Emmanuel Innocent from Amaigbo Etiti Edda and they besieged the house of the deceased and attacked him, beating him to comma.
The said Udu Emegha gave up the ghost, later the team of police operatives rounded up the said Emmanuel and others in the house of one Chidi Ejem.
Chidi is a candidate of House of Assembly and a 38-year- old man. The exhibits recovered include three cutlasses with blood stain, a single barrel gun and some expanded cartridges.
The state CID has just commenced investigation into the matter and the cause of this murder will be unraveled.
We have in our net Chidi Ejem, Emmanuel Innocent and 35 others.
So far we have arrested 37 suspects in connection with the murder.”


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titles on front page only on WordPress.
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What can i do in order to have my homepage
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The Entertainment IndustryIs Fake And Full Of Lies –Jaywon

Music act Jaywon, while speaking recently to
hip hop world magazine, said the Nigerian
entertainment industry is full of fake people.
He asked the question of how people can
come to terms with an artist posting a photo
of a 2015 car online and when he is seen in
reality, he drives a 2009. He said some other
few things too, lol. READ after the cut…
The truth of the matter is the industry is fake;
everyone trying to say the next guy is fake.
But we do stuffs in the industry that is
extravagantly unnecessary. I have had
instances when someone calls me up for a
collabo, and I’m not available or booked for
something else, then i apologise and turn it
down, the next thing you would hear is,
“Jaywon is fake, he cannot even support his
fellow colleagues”. You see someone buy a
car, post a picture of the 2015 model, when
you see him on the street, he’s driving the
2009 model, why?? I have seen a lot of
artistes bad mouth other people because they
are trying to promote themselves but the
truth is its no news anymore and it is wrong.
As a person I try to do what is right by my
colleagues as well as my family. I would
rather provide for my family than go and pop
champagne at clubs and am not saying
popping bottles is wrong o, it is just how I set
my priorities as an individual. See, if you have
listened to M.I featuring 2face and Sultan,
”Human Being” that song sums up the
industry we are in.
What do you have to say:::

From The Stable of Rappician productions Present Freestyle by Buzzy x Yunarmani dropping February 27

Journey on… first Single from
# Rappician_productions Buzzy from gmr en
Yungarmani from BBK team,s Up to drop this
hit..it a freestyle but so dope.. en cwazzy..as
Presido Rappician produced the song with
some high mixed producing tunes…don’t tink
that much # Freestlye by Buzzy x Yungarmani
drops February 27 … exclusive on

Stop Changing Surnames Like Pants– Helen Paul Blasts Stella Damasus

Without mincing words, Helen Paul,
has hit at Stella Ademinokun for
often changing her surname like
‘Stella Damasus, or Nzeribe, is she not
even tired of changing surname?
Today she’s Aboderin, tomorrow
Ademinokun, only God knows the
surname she would answer
tomorrow. Well, the good thing is, she
hasn’t changed her name ‘Stella’, so
we can simply call her Stella easily,”
Helen said at the comedy show.
Recall that after the silver screen
diva, Stella lost her husband Jaiye
Aboderin, some years ago, she went
for Emeka Nzeribe, but their
relationship did not last long as it
ended beyond redemption.
Stella was later accused of snatching
the husband of her colleague in the
movie industry, Doris Simeon, who
was then happily married to Daniel
Since she allegedly moved in with
Daniel Ademinokun in the USA and
became his alleged ‘wife’, some
people, including her colleagues, have
expressed shock over their
disappointments on the issue.

10 Sign of a Wife materia,(All men get in Here)

Earlier today, We posted 8 Signs Of A
Husband Material and here is the
Female version.
Incase You find such a girl and you
begin to form for her or treat her
anyhow, There must be something
wrong with your brain
How do you know he is a
wife material?
1. She is never ready to have sex with
you until after marriage.
2. Spends more time in supporting
your vision,and aligning hers to
3. Ever ready to tell you the slightest
thing that happens to her, and allows
you to handle it.
4. She spends more time developing
her mind and rates value more than
5. Ever ready to look attractive and
not sex,(NB: to avoid 1)
6. she ask for nothing even though she
deserves and gets all.
7. Complements your actions and
corrects you calmly.
8. Always ready to listen when you
scream, and screams when she is
9. Prays for your everyday
development,and closeness with God.
10. Talks about your family and how
to solve their needs as if she’s got no
You can add more…

Must see by all:: Dangers for Drinking Cold water

We all agree that nothing beats the
sensation you get when you down a
bottle of cold water or soda when
you are hot. That chilling and
refreshing sensation could akin to
seeing a river in a desert.
As rewarding as cold water can be, in
hot weathers like ours, experts say
that it comes with serious health
consequences. They warn that one
may need to hands off drinking cold
water regularly due to its negative
impact on the heart and the digestive
Consultant nutritionist, Dr. Tosin
Akinsanya, says even though the body
cannot have too much of water, it
complains when it has too much of
cold water. According to the food and
healthy living expert, cold water is at
a temperature that contradicts the
overall temperature within the body
Akinsanya says that normal body
temperature of the body is between 34
and 37 oC while that of cold water is
usually between zero and two degrees
Celsius and this sudden change in
temperature levels, which usually
happens when we drink cold water,
shocks the body, leading to chronic
diseases in those who drink it over
“The body is made up of 70 per cent of
warm water. Water is the most
important fluid in the body because it
is the medium blood uses. It is the
medium which circulates nutrients
around the body. If the 30 per cent
we drink is against the normal
temperature of the body, we see how
hard it is for the body to make use of
it. Cold water causes distress in the
tissues and blood vessels.
“The body has to warm up the cold
water you drink every time to an
acceptable temperature before it can
take it up for digestion, nutrient and
blood circulation. That is why we
advise people not, take drugs with
cold water. The drugs will not digest
on time; it means you won’t get the
best of the drugs because the water
did not dissolve on time.”
Family health physician and author
of Ten Habits To Drop Right Now, Dr.
Vasant Lad, adds that drinking cold
water after a meal has adverse effects
on the digestive system. Lad also
warns against drinking cold water
immediately before a meal.
For Dr. Lucia John, a major reason
why we should ditch cold water for
tepid or warm one is its effect on the
According to the healthy living
expert, the heart labours more to
restore blood circulation when we
drink cold water that is not
compatible with the body’s
She says, “When we drink cold water,
juice, or any cold fluids, we create
the basis for chronic heart diseases.
Cold water has a clotting effect on the
blood and other fluids in the body
making it difficult for it to circulate.
“A body that cannot circulate its
blood is like an uninviting swimming
pool in which moss and bacteria
grow. The blood may be thick, unable
to flow properly to the extremities of
the body, the hands and feet begin to
feel numb and hurt, the toes begin to
hurt, and the toenails lose their shine
and may begin to decay.
The heart labours to pump the blood
throughout the body, and the lungs
fight to keep up. The legs may swell
and become dark, when blood cannot
efficiently pump back up to the heart.
“When the blood is free from toxins
and flowing freely and properly, we
can then liken the blood to an
inviting swimming pool, clear and
clean. It generates happiness and
perfect health, energy and creativity.
This individual contributes maximum
to the health and wellbeing of others
in an innocent, natural way.”
Scientists have also solved the
mystery behind the instantaneous
headache brought on by a sip of an
ice-cold drink.
According to the neurologists who
analysed the result of a study, which
involved 5,000 participants over a
period of five years, cold water is not
friendly to some sections of the brain.
The researchers found that sipping it
causes an abrupt increase in blood
flow to a major artery in the brain
that is then followed by the familiar
headache-like. The experts warn that
over time this effect may shrink some
receptors in the brain.
Knowing all this, we have a
responsibility to put into our bodies,
only drinks and foods that will
enhance its proper functioning.
Akinsanya gives a final advice on the
need to take regularly water at a
normal temperature.
“The brain is fairly sensitive to
temperature change, that is why it
freezes when you drink cold water at
first. This continuous seizure is not
good for it.
The brain is one of the relatively
important organs in the body, and it
needs to be working all the time. We
should avoid anything that will make
it freeze,” he adds.
To know the right temperature of
water to drink, Akinsanya says, “Put
one finger in your mouth and close it.
The temperature of what you feel is
the temperature of water or food that
you eat most times. That is what the
body is used to and that is what you
should give it.”

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