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Apart from the Normal ways of promoting songs, we have special ways of handling songs making them hits. this ways bring attention to your song only, even if we have 50 more articles posted on our website the attention will be only on your song and this will definitely give you the breakthrough you need in the music industry. as this might give you  Record label deal [if not signed yet] plus shows. and they include below.

1.Stick Post:- We can Stick your Song to the Top of our Site, So your song won’t move down even if we Post 50 Article a day,  (Best for your Song Promo)

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4. FUNMASS INDUSTRY MIXTAPE:- We have a Mixtape hosted by Different Top DJ’s every month and we guarantee almost 20,000 Downloads every month… We’ve  hosted some hit Mixtapes from DJ Easy, DJ Young the Baddest , DJ GudMuzic etc.

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