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Stop Changing Surnames Like Pants– Helen Paul Blasts Stella Damasus

Without mincing words, Helen Paul,
has hit at Stella Ademinokun for
often changing her surname like
‘Stella Damasus, or Nzeribe, is she not
even tired of changing surname?
Today she’s Aboderin, tomorrow
Ademinokun, only God knows the
surname she would answer
tomorrow. Well, the good thing is, she
hasn’t changed her name ‘Stella’, so
we can simply call her Stella easily,”
Helen said at the comedy show.
Recall that after the silver screen
diva, Stella lost her husband Jaiye
Aboderin, some years ago, she went
for Emeka Nzeribe, but their
relationship did not last long as it
ended beyond redemption.
Stella was later accused of snatching
the husband of her colleague in the
movie industry, Doris Simeon, who
was then happily married to Daniel
Since she allegedly moved in with
Daniel Ademinokun in the USA and
became his alleged ‘wife’, some
people, including her colleagues, have
expressed shock over their
disappointments on the issue.


Omawumi shut down fans,am engage not married

Omawumi Megbele has shut down rumours that she held a secret wedding in Warri last month. In a chat with Entertainment correspondent Mayowa Ogundele, the mum-of-one spoke at the Genevieve Pink Ball in Lagos, over the weekend saying…
“Omawumi is engaged. People should try not to listen to gossip”.
She then rounded off by stating“I’m engaged. I’m not married yet”.
On her wedding plans, she says don’t wet your bed waiting for her to announce it publicly:
“I’m not usually the one to let people know what I do, when I do it. So I’m sorry if you’re waiting for date from my mouth, you will not hear anything,”she said.
Last months, rumours went viral that Omawumi had held a secret wedding in Warri with BFF, Waje and a few other friends and family members present at the ceremony – which allegedly coincided with the singer’s late Dad’s 10th year memorial.
She was also said to have confirmed the wedding rumoursat a concert she hosted alongside ace comedian Ali Baba in Warri.

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